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Haspencubes - Outdoor candles made of wood chips and a fire pit inspired by the apple trees. An awarded concept.
Haspencube fire pit + candle
Haspencube candle
Smoked fleur de sel - 100% natural smoked fleur de sel. Harvested in Île de Noirmoutier and cold smoked in Haspengouw.
Smoked fleur de sel
175g smoked fleur de sel
100g smoked fleur de sel with lemon balm
100g smoked fleur de sel with mustard seeds
Smoke wood - Apple smoke wood for your barbecue and smoker.
Smoke chips
100g fine smoke chips
1kg fine smoke chips
1kg chunky smoke chips
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Haspenwood creates a win-win with the apple farmers by valorising the stubbed low strain apple trees. Haspenwood is a local and ethical brand building on a sustainable economy.
We are located in Haspengouw,
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Erik Meylemans
+32 473 860 391
Bart Dooms
+32 475 692 047
Evi Guilliams
+32 498 520 501
Haspenwood - Erik Meylemans, Bart Dooms, Evi Guilliams