Haspencube, the cosy warmth of Haspengouw in a cube of wood.

Haspencubes houtkaarsen

Haspencube wood candles made of apple wood chips and recycled paraffin. They burn for 3 to 4 hours (depending of the weather conditions). Haspencube wood candles burn in a special design fire pit. Both the wood candles as the fire pit are locally produced in Haspengouw.

haspencubes_vuurkorf-topThe fire pit has a unique and compact design inspired by the ‘edgy’ shape of the low strain apple trees.

haspencubes_cube-brandend-evi-05Haspencube wood candles and fire pit create a great ambiance and spread their cosy warmth, in contrary to the classic terrace candles.

haspencubes_cube-brandend-terras-3kwart-01Haspencubes are ideal for smaller terraces thanks to their compact size (20x20x14cm) and the accompanying fire pit.

haspencubes_cube-aanstekenThe candle burns slowly from within the center thanks to the square ‘chimney’.

haspencubes_cube-uitgebrand-asse-02No hassle. Compared to a classic fire pit, there’s no need to stock up wood or to take care of the fire burning. And the left-over ashes are nicely captured in the fire pit.

Gerooide appelbomenHaspencubes reuse the 800.000 apple trees that are yearly stubbed in Haspengouw.

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Haspencube wood candles, rooted in the frost protection of our orchards.

In springtime, there is always the risk that the fruit blossoms freeze and the harvest fails. To prevent this freezing of the blossoms the local farmers ignite paraffin pots to raise the temperature in their orchards with 1 or 2 degrees.

Our Haspencube wood candles are a local alternative for the paraffin pots with plenty of advantages for the farmer:

  • They burn to the ground and the ashes are an organic fertiliser for the orchard.
  • The farmer does not have to collect the empty pots and is not left behind with residual waste.
  • Haspencubes have a cubic shape which allows for easy stocking on euro pallets. (96 Haspencubes per pallet)
  • They contain only a limited amount of paraffin en reuse the wood from the orchards as a source material.

The Haspencube wood candles, an awarded concept

Bridee award 2013BRIDEE
Bridee Award 2012

Provincie Limburg Innovatie-award Land- en Tuinbouw 2015Province of Limburg
Innovation-award Argiculture 2015

Genomineerde Henry Vande Velde Awards 2016Design Flanders
Laureate ‘Efficiency’
Henry Van de Velde Awards 2016

Project partners

Frédéric Boonen

Frédéric Boonen

Frédéric Boonen is creative director and founder of boonen design studio from Sint-Truiden. His elaborate knowledge of materials and insights in the supply chain have contributed to the current design.

With the design of our Haspencube wood candle, Frédéric is awarded laureate of the Henry Van de Velde Awards 2016 (in the category ‘Efficiency’), an award that he also received in 2015.

Erik Bartels

Erik Bartels

Erik Bartels is a ‘self-made’ blacksmith from Halen who designed the production process of the Haspencube wood candle through his untameable enthusiasm and his contagious knowledge of the craft.

“Creative, innovative, thoughtful and passionate. Some of the characteristics of a good craftsman, that are I live by.

Evi Guilliams

Evi Guilliams

Evi Guilliams is a creative mind born and raised in Haspengouw. As a great-grandchild of farmers from Jeuk, she spent her youth in the blossoming apple orchards. Evi designed the Haspenwood fire pit, inspired by the whimsical shape of the apple trees.