Fleur de sel, exclusively smoked on apple wood from Haspengouw, for a unique aroma and taste experience

Haspenwood Smoked fleur de sel
Smoked fleur de sel (175g)

100% natural. Traditionally hand-harvested on Île de Noirmoutier (France). Artisan cold smoked with apple wood from the low strain apple trees in Haspengouw.

8 €
Haspenwood smoked fleur de sel with lemon balm
Smoked fleur de sel with lemon balm (100g)

The lemon balm is hand-harvested in private gardens in Haspengouw, then air-dried and grinded. Its subtle flavor pairs well with fish.

8 €
Smoked fleur de sel with mustard seeds
Smoked fleur de sel with mustard seeds (100g)

Our yellow and brown mustard seeds are produced in Haspengouw by fruit farmer Hugo Jacobs in Kortenbos. Mustard seeds pair well with meat dishes.

8 €


What is fleur de sel?

Artisan salt producers harvest their fleur de sel from salt saturated sea water. This saturation is obtained by letting the sea water follow a lengthy path through salt pans while the water evaporates and the concentration of salt multiplies by eight. Some of the salt in the pans changes into crystals on the surface of the water forming a delicate crust. This is fleur de sel. The crystals are collected by hand once a day, a time-consuming job with revenues as low as a few grams per square meter. On top of that, only during one month a year, from mid-July till mid-August, the circumstances are favorable for harvesting fleur de sel. Therefore, because of its relative scarcity, fleur de sel is one of the most expensive salts.

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Fleur de sel in the kitchen

Fleur de sel is a rather damp salt. Therefore, fleur de sel will not dissolve when strewn over food: it will keep its delicate crystal structure and leaves a crusty layer on top your dishes. Instead of letting it cook, you strew it over the ingredients just before serving. The fleur de sel crystals dissolve at a different tempo in our mouth because they are irregular in size and shape. This way the salty taste lingers on longer. Smoked fleur de sel is a unique combination for an original touch in your kitchen and a variety of culinary possibilities.

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Thierry Gallais

Thierry is an artisan producer of fleur de sel on Île de Noirmoutier in Western France, with a focus on craftmanship and respect for nature. His fleur de sel is 100% artisan and natural and carries the ’Nature & Progres’ label.

“My products originate at the shoreline, they have a long history, they reflect a craftsmanship with a rich know-how, and they have an image that we’re all very proud of.”