Cultivating Communities Haspengouw
Exploring new applications for apple wood within the theme ‘The Table of Haspengouw’

The CiCi project Cultivating Communities Haspengouw, that was finished in February 2015, is a design project in which Haspenwood teamed up with the research group Social Spaces of the MadFac University and with designers Ollivier Piqueray and Gilberte Claes.

CICI, aka as “Call for Innovation with the Creative Industries” is an initiative of Flanders DC and the IWT to create a more intense cross-over between disciplines in innovation projects. In practice, CiCi stimulates cooperation between people from the creative scene on the one hand and entrepreneurs on the other.

CiCi partners

Why this cooperation?

Haspenwood wants to valorise the complete appel tree and is therefore searching for new applications for the solid wood (trunk). In her search, Haspenwood aims to involve the local stakeholders as much as possible.
Ben Hagenaars, researcher at Social Spaces, developed a participative design method “Make & Tell” that applies scenario’s to create a common visual language between actors of different background. Ben was looking for a real complex challenge to test his design method in practice.

Social Spaces and Haspenwood teamed up because of the strong complementarity of their needs. Social Spaces was able to test and refine her “Make & Tell” design methodology through an iterative design process, while Haspenwood was able to add new applewood products to her portfolio.


Ben HagenaarsBen Hagenaars
PhD Social Spaces

Gilberte ClaesGilberte Claes
Interior architect and furniture designer

Ollivier PiquerayOllivier Piqueray
Researcher & designer Social Spaces

Throughout the theme of “the Table of Haspengouw” we have explored different culinary routes. An important criterium for the use of the wood was the fact that the wood should not only play a role as a culinary experience or object, but is should also contribute to the taste itself.

Table top smoker

Table top smoker

Apple wood as the seasoner in the smoking process and as a natural counterpart for the base unit of the table top smoker.

The table top smoker is a compact smoker for inside and outside use to smoke fish, meat, veggies, cheese or even salt and herbs.

Discover our table top smoker

Tea set

Tea set

Apple wood as a tea component and as a material that invites you to touch and taste.

The design of the tea set is inspired by the traditional Eastern tea ceremony and expresses calmness and serenity.

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