The table top smoker,
applewood from Haspengouw in taste and design

Table top smoker

The table top smoker is a compact smoker for inside and outside use to smoke meat, fish, vegetables, cheese or even salt or herbs. It’s quiet straightforward: via adjustable burners you heat the smoke chips in the bottom of the smoker. On the grill you place your meat or fish. The applewood cover keeps the smoke inside.

The massive applewood cover is a unique piece of design. It is hand made and the wood is of course sourced from the same low strain apple trees from Haspengouw (Belgium) as the chips are.

Unique advantages of this table top smoker

table top smoker grillThe grill is made of separate grill bars for easy cleaning. So no dirt getting stuck in hard to reach places.

table top smoke trayWith a handy smoke tray for herbs, garlic, salt or nuts. The smoke tray just replaces some of the grill bars so yet can still smoke meat or fish at the same time.

table top smoker through hole for probe meat thermometer
With through hole for your digital meat thermometer, so you always know the temperature in your smoker.

The table top smoker’s design

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Key figures

table top smoker outer dimensions

Outer dimensions

Table top smoker inner dimensionsInner dimensions on grill and under cover

Designer: Ollivier Piqueray

Ollivier works as a researcher and designer for Social Spaces (MAD-Faculty university Genk) and as a designer in his own wood workshop in Antwerp. Out of respect for the material, Ollivier works with the wood in its purest form. This respect and honesty is revealed in his designs by showing and emphasising the construction and imperfections of the material.

BBQ and smoke expert: Pierre Hacha

Pierre Hacha was BBQ world champion in 2003 and vice world champion in 2008. He is managing director of  Auxilmat, importer of a.o. charcoal, coconut briquettes, herbs and barbecues. Pierre leads workshops on barbecue and smoking for the BBQ Academy in his showroom in Winksele. ‘For me it’s a passion’, he says. ‘And I want to share that passion.’

applewood smoke chips - 1kg

Applewood smoke chips

Our applewood smoke chips are the ideal source of aroma for our table top smoker. Available in 100g or 1kg packaging.

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