The Haspenwood tea set,
the calmness of the orchards in a culinary experience.

Tea set

The design of our tea set is inspired by the traditional Eastern tea ceremonies.

The tea set is produced locally with local materials. Applewood wood turning by Paul Smeets. A porcelain filter from the studio of Piet Stockmans. The spoon and spatula are wood carved by Marc Knapen. The porcelain cups our the works of Willy Herteleer. And the glass teapot is produced in the glass studio Saillart.

Every piece of the tea set plays a part in the ceremony that expresses calmness and serenity.

tea set - infusion

The tea ceremony is a 3 step process: infusion in the teapot, filtration and serving.

tea set - filtration

After infusion of the tea in the teapot, you pour the tea through the filter in the glass tea pitcher. The tea filter consists of an applewood filter holder and a porcelain filter.

tea set - serving

After filtration, you place the tea filter on the wooden drip cup. You serve the tea with the tea pitcher in the porcelain cups.

tea set - teapot and warmer

A glass teapot with applewood cover, resting on a warmer, reveals you the beauty of the tea.

tea set - detail of spoon and spatula

You add the tea with the wooden spoon to the hot water in the teapot. You stir the tea with the spatula.

tea set - detail serving tray

The complete tea set is presented on a serving tray with applewood handles.

The tea set design

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Designer: Gilberte Claes

Gilberte Claes is an interior and furniture designer. Soberness and functionality bring calmness and timelessness to her designs. Echo’s of her profound interest for the Scandinavian culture. Galleriet is the gallery where she presents her own designs for table ware and the work of her Scandinavian colleagues.

Tea expert: Ann Vansteenkiste

Ann Vansteenkiste is a herborist, an aroma therapist and a tea master. She wrote the books ‘De stille kracht van thee‘ (‘The quiet force of tea’) and ‘Zelfgeplukt‘ (‘Handpicked’). Ann gives lectures, not only about the physical force of tea as a thirst quencher, but she also further explores the use of tea. Since years, Ann introduces the students for Master Sommelier at the hotel school ‘ter Duinen’ in the wonderful world of tea. She composed the tea menu for Sergio Herman and designed a unique ‘Oud Sluis tea’.

All our products our hand made, made-to-order and therefor unique design pieces.

Standard tea set

€ 1.400

pricing Haspenwood tea set

 Serving tea the way it should
Teapot and warmer
Tea pitcher
Filter holder and porcelain filter
Drip cup

Teapot and warmer

€ 850

pricing Haspenwood teaset teapot and warmer


Serving platter

€ 240

pricing Haspenwood tea set serving tray

 Serving tray
Acrylate & applewood

Spoon & spatula

€ 70

pricing Haspenwood tea set spoon spatula

Spoon & spatula
Wood carving

4 tea cups

€ 100

pricing Haspenwood tea set 4 tea cups

4 tea cups


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