Haspencubes - Outdoor candles made of wood chips and a fire pit inspired by the apple trees. An awarded concept.
100g fine smoke chips in a handy packaging
Good for one smoke session. The perfect gift when you're invited to a barbecue.
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Smoked fleur de sel - 100% natural smoked fleur de sel. Harvested in Île de Noirmoutier and cold smoked in Haspengouw.
1kg fine smoke chips in a handy storage bag
For the fans of smokey food. Great starter when you have a smoke oven.
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Smoke wood - Apple smoke wood for your barbecue and smoker.
1kg chunky smoke chips in a handy storage bag
For the big green egg lovers who often prefer chunky wood.
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Why applewood smoke chips from Haspenwood?
A local product
Haspenwood smoke chips are sourced from stubbed low strain apple trees in Haspengouw, Belgium. All our smoke wood is locally wind-dried and packaged. The label on the back of our products tells you when and from which orchard our wood is sourced.

A social product
Through buying the Haspenwood smoke wood you support the local apple farmers and the local economy. Haspenwood is a local and ethical brand striving for social entrepreneurship in a region that is going through some difficult economic times.

A smart product
Our smallest unit contains 100g of chips, ideal for a smokey barbecue. So you don’t have to worry about the amount of chips to use. The packaging is so designed that you can start smoking is 3 easy steps: fill the pack up with water, wait for 30 minutes and then let the water drain. Now, the chips our ready to release their aromas on the hot coals.
Ecotip: You can always re-use our packaging as a seeding pot for your favourite herbs. Our packaging is of course biodegradable.
Smoking on your barbecue?
Cooking your meat or fish on a barbecue always delivers that special taste and experience. Well, the use of smoke wood, adds even that extra aroma to your ingredients. We all know the recognisable taste of smoked bacon or salmon. And today you can add that smokey taste to your barbecue and surprise your guests with a special tasty experience. All you need is a charcoal or gas barbecue with a lid and of course wood chips. For smoke wood we usually look for wood with a high density: oak, pecan, maple, hickory, cherry, mesquite and apple. Fruit wood gives a mild taste, with a fruity or sweet touch, while oak, hickory and mesquite leave an intense smokey taste. Therefore applewood is the perfect wood to take your first steps in smoking on your barbecue. The mild wood pairs well with chicken, pork or fish.
Haspenwood creates a win-win with the apple farmers by valorising the stubbed low strain apple trees. Haspenwood is a local and ethical brand building on a sustainable economy.
We are located in Haspengouw,
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